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Our Expertise

edaptiv is an interuniversity alliance of edtech researchers, open for collaboration with scientific and educational partners.
edaptiv believes education must adapt to the learner, rather than the learner adapt to education. Our AI makes this happen.

Pedagogy-Driven AI

Ordinary educational AI is driven by data rather than pedagogy. Our AI is built upon proven pedagogical principles.

Adaptive Algorithms

Adaptive algorithms enable educational personalization. Our state-of-the-art algorithms are tried-and-tested.

Advanced Analytics

Teachers must be able to spend their time on teaching. Our technology aids teachers with insightful and actionable learner analytics.

Causal Evaluations

What works for whom in education? Our causal evaluations are build to scale and respect individual differences.

Game Development

In educational games, modularity is key. Our modules, including item banks and scoring rules, are at the core of games played daily.

Theory Formation

Educational AI must be backed by educational theory. Our theory describes the role of education in learners’ cognitive development.


Scientific rigor, serious impact.

Elo for Education

Adaptive Algorithms

Urnings for Education

Adaptive Algorithms

Error Tracing

Advanced Analytics

Problem Skipping

Causal Evaluations

Quitting Behavior

Causal Evaluations

Wiring of Intelligence

Theory Formation

MOOC Pedagogy

Causal Evaluations

Abstract Reasoning

Game Development

Success in Math

Causal Evaluations

Statistics Item Bank

Game Development

About Us

Our vision and philosophy.

Today’s challenges in education demand a strong technological foundation.

edaptiv leverages solid scientific expertise with educational partnerships to conceptualize and create tomorrow’s technological foundation. edaptiv is an alliance of leading researchers in pedagogy-driven AI, adaptive learning algorithms, advanced learning analytics, massive causal evaluations, and formal educational theory. edaptiv develops state-of-the-art educational technology and collaborates in research with both scientific and educational partners.

Educational technology must respect individual variablity in learning and development.

Children learn and develop in uniquely different ways. Varying environments and experiences, and their reciprocal interactions, yield a massive developmental variability. Cognitive abilities emerge from this complex developmental system. Educational technology can and must embrace that variability, by optimally guiding children during their individual development. edaptiv develops educational technology that respects individual variability by design.

Educational AI must be informed and driven by pedagogy.

Much too often, educational AI is ignorant of proven pedagogical principles. This is a major missed opportunity and a scorn to the many significant insights from substantive educational research. Educational AI must not only propel the pedagogical principles already effectively applied in educational practice, but also enable those principles that are hard to satisfy under everyday conditions. edaptiv develops educational AI that respects pedagogical principles.


Why our work matters.


    ISEE Assessment Report 2022

    “Every learner learns differently, and is influenced by a complex combination of internal factors (biological including neurobiological) and context (political, social, cultural, institutional, environmental, technological, etc.). Therefore, receiving a personalized learning experience is an entitlement and a human right for every learner.”


    Reimagine Education

    “We urgently need to reimagine education. A modern education should build and accredit basic skills – reading, writing and math – as well as skills in problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking that young people need for work, to start a business and to engage productively in their communities.

    The availability and potential of technology means that digital learning should be part of a basic basket of essential services for every child and young person.

    This means connecting every child and young person – some 3.5 billion by 2030 – to world-class digital solutions that offer personalized learning to leapfrog to a brighter future.”

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    Future of Education and Skills 2030

    “Future-ready students need to exercise agency, in their own education and throughout life. Agency implies a sense of responsibility to participate in the world and, in so doing, to influence people, events and circumstances for the better. Agency requires the ability to frame a guiding purpose and identify actions to achieve a goal.

    Two factors, in particular, help learners enable agency. The first is a personalised learning environment that supports and motivates each student to nurture his or her passions, make connections between different learning experiences and opportunities, and design their own learning projects and processes in collaboration with others.”

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Our principal investigators, research fellows, PhD students, and advisory board.

For contact, use the form below or approach a principal investigator.

Dr. Alexander Savi

Founder / Director / Principal Investigator

Dr. Abe Hofman

Founder / Director / Principal Investigator

Dr. Maria Bolsinova

Principal Investigator

Dr. Matthieu Brinkhuis

Principal Investigator

Dr. Claire Stevenson

Principal Investigator

Dr. Dylan Molenaar

Principal Investigator

Sharon Klinkenberg

Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr. Han van der Maas

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Martijn Meeter

Advisory Board

Dr. Brenda Jansen

Advisory Board

Simone Plak, MSc

PhD Student

Dr. Susanne de Mooij

Research Fellow

Yvonne Oberholzer, MSc

Research Fellow

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edaptiv welcomes collaborations with scientific and educational partners.

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